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Establishing & Consolidating New Habits

What does it take to actually consolidate a new habit? Why for many of us keep the word and stay accountable is hard? Maybe in a few days everything comes back to the previous setting, leaving us with a bitter taste.. Did you ever hear someone saying this? Maybe your partner or a friend break through when you have just worked hard to place an intention that really resign with a goal or a desire, moved by self improvement and development!

Okey, it’s ok. Let’s face it! Not everyone that we love and we care for, will actually standing on our side and supporting us in everything we want to do! I know, this sucks but that’s reality.

You need to make it on your own and own it! To start with be realistic and simple. Don’t get me wrong, dreaming big it’s still something you want to do, but to start with set some tiny goal that would be easily achievable.

You want to feel great about accomplish them, from the first day!

This is how it works for me and all the peps around that have made it till now!

If you head here you will find a list of great books and resources have made the difference into my life..

But for now, let’s keep it simple! Are you still reading? that’s great!

1 # Make Your Goal Simple & Realistic

Are 10 push ups a day not accessible to you at the moment? How about staring with two?

Break it down! You will feel great only by adding one more to your Goal and you know that the day you feel unmotivated and you are able to perform 3 instead you will feel freaking amazing! Try to believe it!

Take time to set you resolution. Set a quiet space free of distraction. Connect to what you feel and let the stream of thoughts just flow out of you.

2 # Be in a state of Gratitude towards life and honor what you have. It will makes the difference

Take care of your dream and your future will flourish.

I know you’ve heard this a tons of time BUT not only acknowledging that you are lucky and bla bla bla instead Feel it. Learn how to incorporate that feeling into your life, the way you approach to people, the way you grow with them a better person and the appreciation for life.

3 # Share how you feel about your state of bliss and Gratitude

Having the opportunity to learn how you did overcome it, it makes a Huge difference into someone other existence, don’t be selfish and tells others how you made it! this also will make you feel great! Because the next one is relate to this one…

4 # Maintain a state of Flow

This state is describe it as a mental state in which a person is performing an activity and it is fully galvanised, energised by being in the complete focus of it. Basically in life, if we perform whatever we want to do in a state of flow, instead of felling drained by doing something, we are feeling energised, we’re going faster, we are productive, we are able to gain clarity over time and achieve everything we want easily!

5 # Recognise When you are talking to your self in an unproductive way.

Recognising what triggers you, monitoring your state of consciousness is the key.

There is a difference between saying, it’s my Fault or it’s my Responsibility. Let the judgment outside of your zone. There is no need of reinforcing what is not helpful or something you could have done it differently. Just recognise it within distance and let it go behind! Blaming your self for what has happened and cannot change, do not let it take over BUT instead take Responsibility for it!

6 # Be Persistent and apply Self Discipline

As Yogi we know this one well! Known in the Patanjali Eight Limbs one of the Nyamas: Tapas. For those approaching to Yoga, nouuuuu it’s not a Spanish Piece of bread with some garnish on top! It’s essential for our self growth. Doing stuff each day as a form of Ritual it’s so so important! I won’t stress enough about this one! There will be days in which getting down to our Mat and do the work is not in our Top 10 of the day, BUT just bring a second your mind to the way you feel after?!

Close down a second your eyes and bring your-self to the Savasana after a great practice.. take few minutes and Feel it! Isn’t it worth?

7 # Get specific in your Goal and Commit to it!

New Years Resolutions. Set Your Intention. Asian Lanterns Launch.

The resolution of being healthier in your New year’ it’s not enough.. You need to specify what would you do to be healthier? What is it ?? Brainstorm right now, here, with me! ‘A five minutes Pranayama a day would do?’, ‘Walking 20 minutes per day into Nature?’, ‘Drink every day a Glass of Warm Water with a drop of essential lemon oil before the day starts?’, ‘waking up before Sun Rise?’.. ‘Increase your energy level introducing some supplements to your meal?’ Be specific! Set your-self up for Success! Feel better tune In and set your-self up for Commitment!

It would make your Resolution achievable 100%

8 # Recognise when you start bullshit your self around with excuses!

self talk

This is a beast because when you believe to your excuses, you are giving your unconscious mind the power over your conscious mind, hence you will feel totally shit if you do the opposite of your purposes. We have all being there, believe me and all have experienced that when you start bulshit yourself around you become Not Believable to your self and your self esteem starts drops down. You don’t want this! ‘Is your Goal walking up before sunrise?’ Just make it happen no matter how tired you are! It’s a great start of your day and you will feel fantastic for having done it!

9 # Be the Best Version of yourself Every Single Day!

There are actions that reinforce who we are and how to improve ourselves. You can take few minutes to write them down here.. even just 5 of them. What is it, in a small scale, that would make you feel a better person? Helping an old person carrying the shopping out of the supermarket? brushing your teeth every day?

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