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Business Overview: Is DōTerra A MLM Legit Business?

Before diving in today’s topic, I would like to step back and ask you, what do you know about the traditional business system?

What’s your perception and understanding of it?

How much do you relate to what’s convectional and taken for granted?

What is your willingness to re-discuss the linear model the majority have grown with?

We all pretty much have grown with the idea of a linear model, we deep the study of a field we would like to work into, learn the skills and knowledge we need to be able to get a job, maybe a 9 to 5, work for the standard 40 years to then let the government taking care for our retirement. Isn’t it?

I guess we are all waking up to the reality that for our generation a traditional linear business model is not a guarantee of being look after anymore. 

Our generation is awakening to a new reality of business model which includes the words sharing, growing, collaborating for the rise into a ‘collective leadership’ , to quote on of the women that speaks about Women’s Autonomy, Tara Bliss

Translated: generating residual income, working towards your own sovereignty. 

Working towards empowering people through their actions and effort of becoming leaders of themselves first, taking responsibility for our heath to then help and support other in rise and shine.

women's power

Yes, I am talking about Multi Level Marketing. Are you familiar with this world? 

How much of your familiarity coincide with actually knowing the meaning or just because you have heard about it?

In most cases people with big money issues will label it as a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid scheme for those that are not sure what I’m talking about, it is a business model that have been around for around a century. These have been declared illegal business since the 80’s as “promising consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, but not based on profits from any real product to the public.” These models focused in recruiting rather than direct selling of an actual product. They have been considered fraudulent and illegal.

However when I found myself in sharing with people what I do for a living, I found that some people confuses Pyramid Scheme with Multi Level Marketing model, they do shares some similarity with the substantial difference that MLM are legitimate businesses which involves direct selling of an actual product.

DōTerra is a marvellous example of a successful legacy businesses.

I am not boosting with superlatives just because I stand for DoTerra but also I believe and has given me proof of the validity of the business model which I am paving to be effective for those who are willing to work for themselves and in service of others.

DōTerra finds his foundation in the relationship with the people. The newbies company, only born in 2008 and already praising 9 minion customers, based his marketing on the direct selling model.  This means that all the marketing budget is directed to the people, because of their winning product that doesn’t need to be boost in the tradition way. What plays a crucial role is the direct experience that is handed down directly through people connection and share. People that have implemented their life becomes example to those who are seeking renewal.

When a product is great, deserve the opportunity of people networking. The resistance that the majority of people have about this business model is that is fare away and opposite of the one they have grown up with. Most of us give for granted what they have experienced all their life. As if our background and traditional way of thinking should be an obstacle towards renewal and a different approach to the business world as we are used to know it.

We tend to fear what we don’t know.

When I first got in touch with doTerra I do share with you that I found myself skeptical, despite my curiosity towards the product I doubted as much as you might be doing while reading this article.

Let’s get more clarity..

I did do my research on the company and I found no complaints whatsoever of the web, instead just happy customer eulogising the system behind. I decided to follow my intuition. I  bought my first kit at the beginning of 2019 and soon I realised this wasn’t just about essential oils.

I soon got in touch with the reality behind the bottle. DōTerra is not just a business, it’s also a Movement of People that are changing the world with the healing properties of the oils, as well on the other side of the bottle they are also working for creating a sustainable reality for grower, distillers, the local communities and the families involved in the process of producing in developing countries where Fair Trade are not to be given for granted.

What hooked me was the humanitarian approach as well as the opportunity of healing my physical body in a different way from the usual, becoming stronger and fitter, gaining mental clarity as dispelling residual residence to grow as a better human. 

I, not longer after, became aware of the business opportunity which were allowing me to write off the expenses of the oils while creating my personal cabinet. I became soon aware of the incredible possibilities that where disclosing within this model.

why in less than a year I became obsessed with this model?

Ultimately we get in touch with the oils when our story allows us to be seen and heard, to let go of the luggage and story that doesn’t free us from experience pure healing through natural solutions.

Its is certainly not a business for everyone. 

10 Reasons Why I Stand For Doterra As A MLM Legit Business ?

1 # This is a business you are compensating for the goodness you are getting into the world.

We we are in deep service of other, we get compensated for our service. Exactly as any other profession where there is involved service to the community such as a doctor, a vet, a lawyer.

2# This business is rooted in service, giving and generosity.

We share the oils with total discernment from the out comes, we share them as we bring our experience. As well as we are in complete outcomsless service towards the people of our team.WE work together for each member of the team to rise and shine when the time comes.

strong together
Empowering through Collective Leadership

3# We get to contribute to the rise of others. 

There is no corporate climbers approach. As leader of our team we get to support, encourage and provide education for the leader to come. This is not a corporate climbers environments, each member of the team has the opportunity to blossom into their true greater self. At this particular matter, I’d love to give you a beautiful insight by one of the women has been greater source of inspiration in my journey, talking about Women’s Autonomy.

4# You are safe to relieve the burden of traditional business.

You work for your self, deciding the hours, the days, the time off you need to take to be with your personal or family matter. NO more getting down to compromise with a boss for a rise or a deserved holiday. As many health care day as you need when you are the ruler of your business.

5# DōTerra gives the opportunity to the people to use the product and also teach about it.

It furnishes a tons of material on line in several languages. The material is shared between different teams as there is no culture of taking away, instead a web of support and generosity between teams and leaders. Remember: as you rise, we rise. It is my leadership interest to furnish you all the tool, resources, knowledge to provide your growth and success. This mentality it doesn’t exist in the corporate world, not even in the entrepreneur business.

6# This is a business model that wants you express your voice, your tone, your style.

Free to be your self, your way. Free of blossom the flower you resinate to. Find your unique voice, find your unique authentic path of becoming a beautiful leader. As you attune with the oils, you learn to get in touch with your deeper self: exploring and expanding and sharing your steps as you dive into the core of your business.

You are here to serve to be free. Free from a 9 to 5 hours, to explore the whole self as a woman that chose to serve. In this business vulnerability is key.

7 # Its a business that becomes a mirror of your life, in the good and the bad.

It becomes a great opportunity to face fears and obstacles you have perhaps escaped for your life. It shows the growth you allow your self to step forward and eventually overcome.

8 # It’s a limitless business, endless stream of opportunities are possible.

empower your tomorrow
Women’s Autonomy

You need to want it, there is nothing holding you back the yourself. Remember we can be the greatest sabotage  for anything we put in place. Take responsibility for yourself. Get to know about Essential Clue Team

9 # You have the possibility to impact in a bigger way and reaching a limitless audience. 

Whatever you do for a living now, if your field is rooted alreading in relating with others, in serving for a higher reason away from just financial freedom, you might be in the right place! Whether you are an Osteopath, a Yoga Teacher, a Physician, a Beautician, a Mum, what gets us together is delivering natural solution that can empower people in see themselves the beautiful creature they already are. Remember, this is crucial: the oils won’t give you a quick fix or a solution to whatever health issues you are working on, this natural resources will assist each individual in taking an honest look within. They foster the right environment for healing, they will not do the work for you. Taking ownership for your own life it’s the fist and foremost action an individual with ownership has to take. You might be interested in this article as well.

10 # You can course correct, create adjust and re-birth with endless mix of possibilities.

If you make a mistake, you acknowledge it, course correct and refine, every day its a new day! It’s a work-in-progress, we do make mistakes as in every business, in everything we do, every action, conversation, every practice or cup of tea, everything we do and how we do it, being it large or small, everything is an opportunity to bring forward the radiant power of your Soul making each moment and every action extraordinary. I believe our practice (whatever practice resign with you) powers the purpose of our intention. I believe some days we rise high and some other we rock bottom. That’s how life is it. It’ a marvellous opportunity of growth, a process which sees us evolving, falling, stumbling, watching the unfolding of a path in continuous evolution. Course- correcting in life is such a gift we have to be better person, human, partners, friends, in our families, workplace and communities.

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