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Console to Cope Uncertainty and Stressful Times

DōTerra Blend to soothe heart and mind to find emotional rest

It is undoubtedly a period of profound challenge and distress for everyone.

Beside being bombarded every day with the tragedy of so many deaths with the entire world bend over by this plagues, we are all experiencing the consequences of this in all areas of our life with so many emotions arising.

And it’s totally normal to feel stressed, anxious and scared for the uncertainty of the future.

It is also very important to posses and nail all the tools in our hands to be able to face this grief and pain with a more open heart and mind.

This can totally make the difference in how one’s face and embrace the upcoming months ahead.

Consolation and Emotional Support with DōTerra Essential Oils

Shifting the perspective of the massive crisis and recession that we are living, can alter the perception of our next moves. One of my favorite write, couldn’t explain better the overwhelming condition that affect every human being when facing a Crisis, David Whyte says:

From my personal and humble experience of the use of oils for emotional support in particular hard time, I am without any doubt recommend Console.

Console is an oil blended with Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose & Osmanthus.

“CRISIS is unavoidable. Every human life seems to be drawn eventually, as if by some unspoken parallel, some tidal flow or underground magnetic field, toward the raw, dynamic essentials of its existence, […]

This experience of absolute contact with an essential hidden dynamic, now understood to be essential to our lives, often ignored but now making itself felt, where the touchable rawness of life becomes part of the fabric of the everyday, and a robust luminous vulnerability, becomes shot through with the necessary, imminent and inevitable prospect of loss, has been described for centuries as the dark night of the soul: ‘La noche oscura del alma’.

But perhaps, this dark night could be more accurately described as the meeting of two immense storm fronts, the squally vulnerable edge between what overwhelms human beings from the inside and what overpowers them from the outside.

The waveform that overwhelms a maturing human being from the inside is the inescapable nature of their own flaws and weaknesses, their self-deceptions and their attempts to create false names and stories to place themselves in the world; the felt need to control the narrative of the story around them with no regard to outside revelation.

The immense wave on the outside is the invitation to give that self up, to be borne off by the wave and renamed, revealed and re-ordered by the powerful flow. […]

“Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

David Whyte

Console has greatly and successfully assisted me in my darkest time in the last year.

console doTerra
Consolation for the Emotional and Physical Body
  • When feeling needed emotional comfort 
  • To soothes emotional pain in periods of extreme stress or trauma
  • In releasing emotional burdens such as loss and grief 

When a storm is raging in one’s heart and mind, when there is no relief from fear, emotional pain or anxious feelings..

Console will assist you to

  • To experience with a serene heart and mind, guiding you towards emotional rest
  • It encourages to seek presence with a mantle of warmth, love and consolation.

Diffuse essential oils to alleviate stress anxiety fear to support your emotional body

You can use it Aromatically, diffusing few drops in your diffuser to spread a serene, healing and restful atmosphere in your home or workplace,.

You can also use it topically by placing a drop in your hands, rub and inhale. Very effective also on the heart Centre, behind the ears or wrists.

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