have you ever experienced..

Have you ever experienced to feel stuck?

In your day, your purpose, your business, your creative flow?

And if yes, what do you do to feel inspired again and move forward?

At the begging of the year I was moved by the best intentions and so inspired to proceed within my professional life, feeling glorious and motivated in the process of building my brand new business..

Then I got stuck, I felt overwhelmed by recognising I have got so much to do.. and as often occurs when we feel fragile, I got caught by a flue and depleted in the body. Plus some other stuff was happening and doubts raised and  in the meanwhile life was happening around me and…

I got lost..

I am nevertheless getting better and better  in recognizing patterns and triggers within the healing process of rising awareness within my unconscious mind, which is supporting also the incoming process of becoming a better version of my self and what really really makes the difference when I find my self hopeless is taking the time and do a bit of a brain dump!

Yes, you heard me: journaling, reflective time, silent time.

Sit down, meditate, follow the instinct on how my body needs to move and breath and listen. 

Listen to my deeper needs. By only breathing and concentrating on how my body moves with the breath, I find already more clarity, calmness and intuitions arise and blossom as suggestions on how to proceed.

I realised when I oppone resistance within what my body is trying to tell me, conflicts most of the times arises and I find that is all a matter on how I deal within finding ease and effort on everything I do:

In my asana practice, my work flow, meetings, relationships with loved one or the one we just have to deal with everyday..

Instead of getting hard on my self by not wanted to listen when is emerging:

L i s t e n .

Listen to my skin screaming for some fresh air..

Listen at my back if I sit for to many hours working..

Listen to my breath getting shallow and needed some fresh oxygen..

What I mean by this is, being of to feel stuck, less motivated and taking more time compared to your expectation.

Moment of crisis often give birth to brilliant evolutions..

If this happens to you too, maybe this can help you too..

I sit down with my self and my thoughts, the one you don’t really wanna hear but they are there, going on a loop in my brain..

I give them birth by writing them down, black on white, old style way.. no one needs to read them, that’s just your stuff, you can burn the paper afterwards..

I share with you that sometimes I feel ashamed by even thinking at them, but I forgive my self and accept they exist. 

They are feeling of ineptitude and not being enough for this world and the person I would like to be showing up everyday for my self and the world.

It is ok to not being at your best every single day.

It is ok to let go of your to expectations.

It is ok to ask for help.

If this is happening to you, need to know you are l o v e and are l o v e d,

you are b e a u t I f u l the way you are. 

F o r g I v e your self for not being at the best of your expectations everyday, 

l I s t e n to what your body is trying to tell you, before you get cough by a flue and forced by the events of taking some time off

A l l o w your self to r e s t.

R E S T from what the world want you to be and 

L I s t e n to what Y o u need.

Chose to honour your self today

Forgive your self and respect your self

Chose to accept your self at every turn

Chose to love and accept your self today

Chose to honour and accept your self and your purpose

You are love and loved

You are beautiful and worthy the love you deserve

Thanks to #elenabrower to have inspired me some reflexion and showing me the way to move forward. 

Reach out if you resign and want t share what’s going on!

Share your usual brain dump solutions, I’d live to hear from you!


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