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How to Manifest the Life You Desire

Do You Know You Are The One And Only  Creator Of Your Own Life?

I am so enthusiast while I write this new piece of content as I have found the guts to share with you ‘The secret’ that has made such a huge shift into my life. 

Once I have SERIOUSLY taken action in applying this very few tools into my life, everything starts sparkles light and abundance.

I am now, much and very pleased to share them with, you today.

The fact is… rolling drums, that there is no secret! 

The way we think, has a hug impact on our reality. For Real. How many times did you hear this? Seriously how many?

And how many times did you really take action to apply this into your life?

This is no joke. You are a Yoga Teacher, or, if you are not yet there and plan to be, or just a human complaining about life, this is also for you.

Spending some time during your morning ritual or meditation or whatever you tune into to focus into what you are doing or plan to achieve, if you haven’t yet started to apply this practice to your everyday life, forget to see some tangible result.

With our imagination we can create anything we want. Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have to start making a real change.

No-one, if you think about, can ever take what your thoughts away from you.

Only we can! Only you can! 
Creation Requires Deep feelings Connection

You might, or might not, be aware of this, but we can manifest the life we want for our selves by only visualise it.

How many time have you caught your self procrastinating in the thought of not been good enough? Not being skinny enough? 

We don’t, don’t don’t.. This are also powerful Mantras! 

Huge depressive and demotivating Mantras that, if constantly repeated within ourselves, have such a devastating and unproductive effects in ours lives.

Especially if repeated with the unconscious mind. 

There are seeds planted within us since such a long time ago that we are not even conscious about them anymore.

Whatever our parents (unconsciously as well) have projected on us in regards of their fears had an impressive impact as well on our raving mind.

Think for a moment.

Since a young age, We have been told an amount of bullshit from a bunch of people around us that we weren’t ready to process with our own ratio just  because probably we were still in the process of developing our critical thinking in discerning our own truth from the one of someone else’s. 

So we ended up believing “we suck in mat” when actually we just had better predisposition in literature, which didn’t automatically exclude that we could have been great in scientific subjects as well!

*Parenting Disclosure: 🙂 

In saying this I ma not pointing the finger towards degenerated parents. It is such a difficult role the one of parenting.Speaking for all the parents out there, and generalising it as well, I believe in my heart, my parents amongst other out there, have do absolutely their own best of their ability, to grow up my brother and my self.

The earlier you start being creative about what you think about you perceive your self, the earlier you tune into a better existence, for you and the ones around as well.

I have ticked all the boxes.. For long time I have been in the loop of depriving my self from living the life I really wanted.

How to get out of this trend once at all!?

Think the biggest visionary of the all times, think at Cristoforo Colombo, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Alexander the Great. 

They all had a vision on how their future would have been before manifesting it.

Despite probably Colombo that thoughts of getting to the Indie, he actually discovered America! ( Not too bad by the way!)

And, of course, I won’t tell you that this is something that will happen over night, because it won’t. 

As everything, requires effort and constance.

It require dedication over time and you actually really believing that you have the ability to make it happen. 

As said if you want to change your your situation, it does not only require your visualisation 

We can attract what ever our mind decide to picture.

free your imagination
Free Your Imagination

In positive and negative.

This is such an incredible tool you can use to manifest what ever, literally what ever, you want in and for your life.

In a way that life does not happen to you, life happens for you. Anything you have been put in front to face is a result of your action.

You can believe it or not, trash this post and erase my blog from your saved list and ignore this reality, but I AM SURE in affirming this statement as I have tested it and seeing a lot of people,  my student, friends, family members, as well, falling on the trap of misbelieving the Law of Attraction.
One of the Life Chaning Movie of My Life. ‘The Secret’ – (Written by Rhonda Byrne)

As it is so powerful, it can also work all the way around and against you. By creating negative and demotivating thoughts, we also have an impact on the way we perceive the reality around us.

I am going to share with you some really powerful tools you can easily apply into your life, to create the life you deserve.

This are accessible to each and everyone of us.

1  # Mentally visualise the things you want to manifest in your present and future.

visual board

Create a Visual Board, all achievers have or did do the exercising what the what to materialise. Let your mind be creative, dream big, beyond your imagination. 

Get a pen an a white paper and start writing down what are your dreams you have hidden in the imaginary draw that is your mind. All the things you always thought you couldn’t have done because of money, to small, to fat, to scary..

Get lost in your resourcefulness, free them out!!

2 # The second step requires you to ..

..take a comfortable sit in a Quiet space, maybe your meditation spot, and really get intimate with your new positive statement or that ‘Happy thoughts’.

Close down the eyes, lengthen your spine and soften you belly.

Take few nice deep breaths and and start by Immagine you are walking down the shore of your favorite beach..

Start by associating that thought to the way you feel close to the ocean..

What are the color around you? 

What’s the air feels like in your skin? Is it warm or cold?

Are you alone or with some one? 

Do you feel genuinely happy? 

How do you feel when you smell to the ocean? 

How do you feel when you hear the rumble of the waves?

How do you feel when you immerse your skin in the deep waters?

What are the emotions relate to it?

 You can continue your meditation and finishing reading once you have come back from it..

 3 # Repetition and constance are the key.

spiral of repetition

 This simple visualisation process performed religiously every day will eventually get you close to your goals or desire,I promise. 

It’ a matter of being patience and trust the process. Especially when you struggle to find the motivation to find this quiete space to listen to your feelings.

As a teacher and praticionair we know very well that the process of becoming a good teacher, requires dedication, constance, faith and trust the journey as an unfolding process in continuous evolution.

You can apply this simple 3 steps for anything you want to achieve in your life.. everything you ever wanted is your already.

You just need to believe in your self trusting the universe and it will be delivered to you.

From my journey to yours, 


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