The Oils in my Journey

Dear Reader,

I share with you with intimacy and through this words the deep meaning of letting the oils entering and permeating my life.

The oils have given me the chance to return to myself,

To love myself the way I am, nothing more than this.


With Simplicity and honesty.

Purity and Transparency.


They taught me to breath into joy and face my fears from a whole different perspective.


In the oils I found a new delicious relationship combined

within my physical, mental and emotional body.

Combining the energies of an open heart and a clear mind,

I have been lucky enough to let the present merging within

an aura of bliss into my life.


They have offered me the possibility to look at myself with

different eyes and the freedom to feel on many levels.


I have found the strength to dive deep into my passions and fight for them,

I found balance while navigating into waves of uncertainty,


Going thought victory and heartbreaks.


The oils are my best adviser in the silence of my altar and in the middle of a crowd.

With the oils I find focus and clarity:


I found the pin points into the purpose of my mission.


Within the Oils I embrace who I am and why I am here.


Through the oils shame has vanished and authenticity arised dressed up in many forms.


Dreams of me becoming, has became a reality;

No just words and promises but tangible realities.

The oils have shown me an other way it is possible, when my skin is screaming out loud.

The only way to listen to what my body has to tell me.


Coming back to the root of Mother Earth,


Willing to listen and explore.

Eternal and humble student in the magnificent journey that is life.


I have chosen the oils as companions in the path of personal growth and self-discovery in the Yoga Journey, with my family, my students and widely within the fantastic support of the community.

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