Women’s Health Care Using Essential Oils

For years I have been struggling with anxiety, fatigue and chronic stress, my key resolution to my day was a bullet-proof coffee to activate adrenaline to be calling for action,in order to keep me proactive and productive! This lead me to a burn out in my early 30’s in which forced me to closely look at my life style choices.

At fist I made some minor changes to my diet, putting effort and time to educate myself on what I was ingesting, when and how. I begun to exercise regularly and there, is when I found Yoga and I start to deeply focus on daily habits that could decrease my stress level and boost my immune system overall functionality. I have been putting in front the reality that If I wasn’t taking action in certain behaviour I could have never get back on track with my health and moving my action from an empower prospective.

Listen. Feel. Connect.

The practice of Yoga it self has been such a gift, acting upon the body has given me the strength to master and control my mind, in order to be able to master my habits to high performances, but I will keep this story is for an other blog post! 

Let’s get a closer look to today’s topic!

On my journery to seek a more natural lifestyle, my answers have found reply in 2018 when I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils by a friend and mentor that I trusted. She successfully used doTERRA’s essential oils to help support her family’s health and I was attracted by their lifestyle choices and could see that she was speaking and acting from a place of integrity, plus I had the gut intuition that those gems from the earth where more than just oils.

I began using essential oils with astonishing success.  doTERRA oils revolutionised my way of managing health with powerful natural component. 

This was my First Kit! Find out what’s your best start here.

Essential Oils are plant made medicine at the core, (that is what a lot of medications are based off), the chemical compounds taken from this plants are the roots the flower, the seeds, the rind of citrus fruits.

Studies and test have been done realising that there are chemical in these plants. Scientist and chemist  have managed to extract this component and make aspirin, anti inflammatory as, blood pressure measurement  pills from plants.

People have been using plant based medicine from the beginning of time. And being able to extract them is pure healing in his form, and technical speaking they are called volatile compound, which means that they rapidly evaporate. The best analogy most people they can relate to, is when you walk in a garden surrounded by roses, and the sent of the blossom rises in your nose creating an emotional reaction. This is because there are particles in the air being admitted by the rose, up into the air and through. Your limbic system into your body.

We are talking of a tiny little physical particle that you cannot see because is imperceptible to the eye that you can smell through the nose and produce a trigger that activate and ultimately change your brain chemistry. There is powerful science behind smell, so when you extract that volatile compound through steam distillation you actually get the concentrated for of essential oil.

Essential Oils have been around for thousand of those of years but modern distillation have been only recently mastered.

Despite they are relatively recent in the time frame, our ancestors have used them for centuries. We can attest this by the beginning  of time throughout the literature out there: ancient tribe and cultures have been burning plants and used them for a varieties of reasons. They just weren’t as pure as we have them now extracted. So now we have this super concentrated essential oil that needs to be used with care and certain times with extra shrewdness

When the oil is extremely pure you only need one drop of this beautiful gift on earth, being so potent and concentrated on his own. ( disclaimer: I’m only referring to essential oils that have been tested pure grade by certified test control (CPTG® Testing Methods), for instance with all the experienced I had in the past with Essentials oils bought at the chemist or the local store, only the 15% out there can praise of been pure 100% and for instance being used topicals and internally. Always check the label when you are planning to use them your skin! Watch this video to ensure you understood how to discern of potency and proof of test grade).

In doTERRA case less is more! Meaning you only need one single drop to be seeing tangible results.

Research have brought to light how much ignorance there is in the understand of the literature on how to use them on their dilution percentage and safety using them clinically and therapeutically.  It is easy mistaken to overuse them to maximise the internal and external use. There is a right way to use them, as there is a right way to use supplements and probiotics. It is common to overdose vitamin c, zinc etc.. 

Reason why it is crucial to extract the essence of these plants in their native environment, to preserve from adulteration and get the most out of them, thinking of sustainability too. 

Ultimately bio individuality is key to use essential oils efficiently and with efficacy.

Each biochemistry is unique and no-one else shares that, because they share this volatile compound their are chemical compound composed by ketones and alcohol, not every oil can work for you. It’s vital to patch test oils on a small part of your body before you start using them spread open in every part of your body, what we call patch test on a little spot of skin. How does your body respond when you open the bottle and smell it? Give a moment to your body to perceive the change, how does it respond to it? Reason why we, sometimes, need to be reminded and trained on the feeling side of the effect. Being very cautious, detach from the quick fix we are used to with medicaments, and observe the reaction of our body to it.

Women’s body is completely different from the man. We cannot treat women as man, especially during menstrual cycle, in the reproductive years, during pregnancy and post-partum, won’t just be the same.

MS has been recognized as a health condition only in the middle of the past century.

Today the scientific community is aware that PMS as PMDD can be debilitating and arduous for some women. 

It is facinating how our lovely and magnificent hormones can be in playing a role during our moon cycle.

The 8% of women suffer from sever PMDD And PMS  affects most WOMENS. Some of the symptom can be anxiety, Brest tenderness, bloating, depression, fatigue, headaches, insomnia and mood swings.

No one can completely stop hormonal shift but researches shows that essential Oils can alleviate many of the symptoms greatly.

Women’s brain works more holistically than man’s brain. Differently from man, women needs to constantly integrate pieces of informations, reason why we seem to get more easily overwhelmed instead of man by finding  a harmonious balance within all the component of our life.

Coming back to my experience in particular, in my condition, due to a strong emotional trauma in 2017 I have experienced an interruption of my menstrual cycle. After seeing several physician all suggesting to cure the imbalances with high doses of progesterone causing other side effect with a consequent chain of side effect after an other. This brought me to deep the understanding on what was lying underneath my anxiety, mood shift and insomnia.

It has been a path of deep listening and refining the skills of observations.

I have learnt about my hormonal health care during the different phase of my menstrual cycle, read, participated to seminars, listen to podcast and getting closer and surrounding my self by women who have experienced this before me. I’ve got to meet and get inspired by amazing women, becoming to understand I wasn’t alone on this journey.

I came to understand that there is a way to dig into resources and around women hormones health.

Journey for hormones balance

Self care at home concept. Woman has inhalation aromatherapy treatment procedures by herself. Self massage by organic essential oil. Great wellness of respiratory health.

What happened? I needed to dig deep and explore carefully limiting belief that where bringing me away from my self care at first. I found out that I had cared some much for others first that everyone was coming fist and my needs last, I also peal off the belief that taking self care was selfish.

This has caused me exhaustion: taking care some much to everyone else, not much room for your self first to be able to come from a place of stability and balance to care for others then especially if your work is relate to contact with people.

The questions rising were: What does it looks like taking care of your hormones? What is the first step to create long lasting vitality and joy ?  

I could have already touch ground on how hormones health protocol and prescriptions from a traditional medicine prospective could only address partially the condition, sometime what’s happens is that we tend to hide the symptoms or just suffocate it with some drugs or masking down the problem, creating other issues (which is exactly what I have experienced).

By just looking on what’s going on with the body and observing reactions and triggers I have been able to heal from the inside out, rather than looking for external help. For this reason I believe is important to remind that Essential Oils don’t heal you, don’t cures disease: 

Oils help enhance your body’s ability to heal it self. 

That’s the key. Just like food: food won’t cure a disease but used it wisely can cure your immune system (link to article on immune booster) into balance , cuz there is nothing  against pathogen as having trained your own immune system to be strong and ready to face external morbific.  Again if your immune system is operating full functioning and  properly you rarely get sick. Your body will be ready to commit whatever presents to you: infections, bacteria, vector all be easily defeated by your strong and prepared body. It becomes an inside out approach rather than viceversa thinking of getting your self protected from the environment. 

I firstly learnt that:

1 # self care is the key ingredient to experience self love

2 # The power of daily habits is undervalued 

3 # Nutrition and supplementation for women’s health is sometimes necessary

4- Essential oils can enhance Hormone balance and solutions

Have your Hormones being hijacked? Take a quick assessment on what’s going on your body!

If you tick only two of this boxes you know your hormones have been hijacked and are systems of hormonal imbalance and inconsistency on the body to self balance and restore 

  • Mood swing/ irritabiity
  • Digestive problems
  • Excessive sweating
  • Food cravings
  • Fatigues
  • Loss of muscles mass
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido
  • Brain fog
  • Weird tired, you are physically but your brain just not stop!

To get back on track:

What are Hormone?

‘Hormones are Chemical messengers that sends messages to all over  the  body.

Dr Marzia Snyder 

They impact cognitive functions, mood, insuline level, respiratory system , immune system, metabolism. Our hormones are helping to run the show on what’s going on on our body.

The endocrine system works that inside our brain we have the master harms, the hypothalamus  which receive info from the body and the external world. That hypothalamus,  process those info and works closely with the pituitary glands sending info to our other hormones (thymus, thyroid and parathyroid, Pineal gland) working together in a beautiful orchestra: according to the external stimulus, to internal response, mood, eating patterns, pms, moon cycle phase etc.. the tea tree receptors works in combination with the hormones to try maintaining homeostasis in the body.

Our body is a beautiful and extraordinary machine which holds space for us and tight everything together.

 For this reason root of harms imbalance can be:

  • Environmental toxins and heavy metals,
  • Chronic stress (hypothalamic pituitary adrenals axis dysfunction)
  • Trauma it manifest in very different way
  • Hidden infections (mould, parasites, bacteria, viruses)
  • Nutriment deficiencies (sync, iron, selenium, vitamin d and a, magnesium)
  • Leaky gut syndromes is always part of that main event

Whether you know what is the root cause of your imbalances, the good news is that you have the tools to start today with some foundation from the bottom up!

Pyramid For Wellness And Lifestyle

doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid

Enrollment KIt Options

1- Eating habits.

Whole food supplements for hormones balance, your harms health rely on this three group: health fibre, fat and protein at every meal. Supplementation to LLV (Long Life Vitality) key nutrients to functions and do the job for you

2- Exercise

Moving the body in anyway it feels good: walking, running, gym, yoga, pilates.. you pick your one!

3 – How to reset stress: the power of the pauses.

# My good to go motivate and uplift are without any doubt Peppermint and Wild Orange and the blend Cheers (which is a mix of all the citrus oils you can imagine). 

that I have got inspired to create in a 10ml roll bottle, comes from the super appreciated advice of DR Marizia. It is a mix of the following oils: Clary Sage (12 drops) Lavender (10 d), geranium (5), Cedar-wood (5), Yang Yang (4). I can promise that in a brunch of minutes you have managed your stress responses resetting the system. I have now the habits to set an alarm every hour as a reminder to take care of my self. With as little as 30 seconds per time I have created a powerful tool I use during to build on strength in a balance way. During the day I am able to manage and have control over my stress responses when they come.

I have found out that when I am in a demotivating mood in which I am not productive and taking action, I just take a break of few minutes to remind me I can shift in as little as few deep breath. And now has just become a ritual in it self: every hour taking that little moment and really step into the mood I want to be to achieve the desire state. You can bring and build up this little things all the time every single day according your needs.

# Super- woman stance: Wild Orange, Motivate, Elevation, feel that energies, put some music on, consistently bring this little things in your life to set for success

# Super Woman UpLift: Wild Orange, Motivate, Elevation, feel that energies, put some music on, consistently bring this little things in your life to set for success

# The Super Woman Hormonal Balance Blend

# Adaptive in Europe from May 2020!

Ultimately an other great Blend created by DōTerra which I have only been able to try for the first time this month is Adaptive. From middle May 2020 it is now available in Europe as well! The ADAPTIV blend contains Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, Wild Orange, Spearmint, Sweetgum, Rosemary, and Copaiba essential oils.

Adaptive Bend 2020 in Europe!

In preliminary studies, the scent of Lavender, a main ingredient of Adaptiv, has been found to contribute to an environment conducive to performing tasks requiring sustained attention. Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, and Sweetgum provide stress-relieving effects while Wild Orange and Spearmint energize and uplift. 

To feeling energetic it works a lot the key component of Daily Rituals and Habits. Daily ritual and habits when in place are becoming key foundation to keep energy up, feeling good all the time, waking up with a lot of energies and going to sleep feeling great.

My Top Rituals during the day:

# Self care routine morning ritual.

Taking time first in the morning before jumping on others needs and obligations, is to settle some time alone, and honour your own time with most important person: your self! That will set the tone for the day, guarantee!

# Supplementation:

Long Life Vitality (full of nutrients, metabolism benefits and powerful antioxidant designed to help and promote energy, health and Long Life Vitality- LLV)+ Mito max (for energy and stamina throughout the day) + Terrazyme (a proprietary blend of active whole-food enzymes and supporting cofactors that are often deficient in cooked, processed and preservative-laden food. Includes a varieties of whole food enzymes that help with the digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrate, sugars and fibre. (Link)

# To enhance rest

and entering I a mood of relaxation the best essential oils you can find are: Lavender, Vetiver, Serenity (diffuse and topically) before to bed all the times!

# Control craving: when feeling sensitive and emotional

Reality is our liver doesn’t need more sugar than the one we are already taking if we have a balance diet!!

Your body just respond to stress responses on his own way, triggering you with sugar cravings. It’s usually an unmet need that causes the stress response and the need.

When in those critical moments, ask yourself: what is that you really need? Are you fueling your body with all the macro, nutrients, antioxidant that it needs? Are you taking care of that 3 beautiful meal three times a day? Whenever you feel that you have some craving a certain time, get your oil and smell it in! Diffuse Peppermint oil to control craving and to reset craving. Then just walk away from the fridge!! 

To support your reproductive hormones and daily menstrual cycle support

As a premise you need to know that your hormones alway do everything they can to support you

Go with your intuition tune with your body and go with what support for you!

Drop me a line OR SCHEDULE FREE A CALL if you are willing to establish a healthy routine using essential oils, I’d be so happy to help get you back on track!

Lear How the Brain Interacts with the Oils Restoring Balance 

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Lear How the Brain Interacts with the Oils Restoring Balance 

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